small Power and Morality073POWER AND MORALITY; WHO SHALL GUARD THE GUARDIANS? With Walter A. Lunden. An Extending horizons book. Boston: P. Sargent, 1959. 202p.

Today's rulers are not much different from those who preceded them, but nuclear power provides an unprecedented capacity to destroy the world. This work was coauthored by one of Sorokin's former students from Minnesota and Harvard, Walter A. Lunden. The first half of the book is a broad history of power and corruption stemming from Genghis Khan to New Jersey's Frank Hague. It encompasses not only monarchs, rulers, and political leaders of democracies and totalitarian states but covers corruption in city and state government, in industry and finance, and even that of Catholic popes when their authority extended over sovereign states. Clearly supported by these findings is not only Machiavelli's assertion that "a prince who wishes to maintain the state must often do evil" but Lord Acton's dictum, ""Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."